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The Best Business Loans With EasyCash

Starting a business in Malaysia is difficult. The global economy has made Singapore a prime location for expansion, and now the competition is fierce.

How do you get ahead? With most businesses failing to generate enough revenue to stay open for even two years, having extra money when you need it could help your business survive and grow.

Instead of struggling to keep the doors open, you should be focusing on attracting new customers! EasyCash offers a number of business loans that can be tailored to your business.

What is a Business Loan?

There are a number of business loans in Singapore that can be used for your business, depending on your needs and goals:

Unsecured Business Term Loans

An unsecured loan for a business is when no collateral is required. Depending on the moneylender or other establishment you want to use, the loan amount will change. Typically, the repayment period ranges from 3-5 years.

SME Micro Loans

An initiative developed by the Singapore government, this loan is generally on the smaller side and is designed to boost productivity. You pay back the amount of money you receive in monthly installments.

SME Working Capital Loans

This is a financing initiative created by the Singapore government. SMEs have the option to repay the SME Working Capital Loan at any time with no penalty and comes with prorated interest.

Property Loans

As a form of secured lending, SMEs can pledge that a company holds their property as working capital. This form of a loan has cheap financing options.

Financing Options

Various financing options exist to help you with trading for materials from different supplies, getting financing on outstanding invoice payments, and financing new equipment that might be too expensive for a single payment. Every financing options is an excellent choice for small and medium business that donít want to lock their cash flow or put themselves in the negative.

Some of these are only offered by banks. Others are provided by moneylenders. Any of these loans could help out your business. If you are having trouble deciding which is best for you, contact EasyCash. We can help you decide.

How Can a Business Loan Help You?

Business loans can be used for a number of finances, not just for opening a business. Many people will use the loan money to purchase new inventory, purchase new equipment or refurbish outdated models, hire new employees, launch marketing campaigns, opening another location, managing their cash flow during slower months of business, handling unexpected expenses, remodelling or renovating the store, or bridging gaps.

In short, business loans provide you with the working capital you need to optimise business growth.

How To Apply Business Loan in Malaysia?

At EasyCash, we believe in a quick and easy application process. Whether you want to purchase new equipment for your store, cover the cost of expansion or want to pay off an unexpected expense, we have a service thatís right for you.

Every moneylender will have their own requirements for loan eligibility. Also, the type of loan you are looking to receive will have different criteria for acceptance. Some criteria is much more strict than others. Generally, you will need the following:

  • To be either a Singaporean citizen of legal age, a permanent resident, or a holder of a work visa or permit;
  • Must be employed or self-employed and receiving regular income;
  • Have a bank account;
  • Have a great standing credit.

Some documentation you might need for filling out our application includes:

  • Your personal details†- name, contact information, proof of identity (such as driverís license, IC card, or passport)
  • Employment details†- name of workplace, annual income, name and contact information of your employer or immediate supervisor
  • Asset details†- information about property or vehicles that you own, as well as any savings you have
  • Liability details†- includes open credit card accounts, debts that you owe, mortgages, and other loans.

Please keep in mind that our loans are subject to the Moneylenders Act and the rules within that law. Feel free to ask our friendly representatives for advice.

Applying Commercial Loan†From EasyCash

With thousands of other licensed moneylenders available in Singapore for small businesses, personal needs, weddings, and foreigners, why should you apply for a loan with us?

The reason is simple. EasyCash is a trusted and licensed moneylender available whenever you need money fast. Weíre a wonderful place to do business, and we have a selection of loans to choose from, like payday loans, foreigner loans, and business loans. Every loan comes with a flexible APR and low interest rates.

We believe in your goals to grow your business. Our professional and experienced team welcome you to our office, where we can provide you with five-star customer service and incredible results. Not only will we help you save money back on repayments, but we offer some of the fastest payouts in Singapore.

Our team of moneylenders in Singapore works to deliver your the loan you need at a high rate of customer satisfaction. Thatís why we have one of the shortest and simple applications around.

Give us some basic information, and we will have a quote for you within minutes. You don’t need to look any further than EasyCash for all your financial loan needs.

Contact us today with any loan questions or concerns you have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Commercial Loan FAQs

When applying for a business loan, how important is my personal credit score in your decision?

Whenever someone is applying for a business loan with EasyCash, we have to look at a couple of factors. Your credit score is one of the best indicators for your financial health, and we have to take it into account. If you have bad credit, or if you haven’t established credit yet, we will do what we can to be as flexible as possible and help find strengths in your application to make a business loan possible. However, most moneylenders, banks, and credit institutions will have a minimum credit score that will ultimately be a deciding factor in your approval.

What does EasyCash offer than other business loans do not?

Those who choose to receive a business loan from EasyCash, do so because they need money fast. Our money loans are available next day, and our application process is simple. We also have a team of moneylenders who are experienced. They will walk you through the entire process and are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to call us or send us a message whenever you need information about business loans.

What kinds of businesses are eligible for a business loan?

Every business is eligible. It doesn’t matter if you are a retail chain, a professional service, in landscaping or construction, opening a studio, a restaurant, or a hostel. We aren’t biased!

Do startups qualify for business loans?

Yes, of course! Startups are also businesses, and all businesses need seed money to grow. The only warning for startups is that you will need to have another source of income to help you get the loan. If you have questions about how much money you need for acceptance, give us a call or send a message.

If you have any other questions about monthly installment loans, please contact us or give us a call today. We have advisors waiting to help you!

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